Jörgen Sundström

In the mid 80's when I got my first guitar my life got a new meaning (I had started out with drums as a kid). Since then I've played with loads of bands, not only guitar but also other instruments. Sometimes there was a need for a keyboardist, a drummer, a bass player, or a singer... what to say (of course the answer is: - Yes, I'd love to!). Today I'm happy for it. Playing, arranging and writing music is even more fun when you can handle more than one instrument. My life will always include music, dance and photography. When I perform in my own name (music, tap dancing etc), I call myself Zooloproject. I also play with e.g. Johansson och det starka bandet, High Gain and Fröken Signe. On this webpage you can listen to my music: some covers and some of my own. You can also find me on myspace and facebook. My home is in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I'm happy you are visiting, and I hope you will be back soon.

Take care!